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15 SEER Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps

15 SEER Air Conditioners, 15 SEER Heat Pumps

15 SEER Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

The Cadillacs of Single-Stage Systems

Looking for Cadillac-smooth operation in a cooling system without the Cadillac price? Then 15 SEER air conditioners and heat pumps may be just what you need.

These units run so smooth they’re the quietest single-stage systems available on the market today. Plus they provide the lowest cost of operation in the single-stage category. These benefits and more make our 15 SEER units very popular models – coming in a close second to our 16 SEER models.

4 Reasons to Choose 15 SEER Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

  1. Save up to 47% on energy usage. Surpassing stringent government standards this unit, saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Save money on the front end. Save energy and money with the high efficiency and smaller up-front investment of 15 SEER units compared to the higher SEER units.
  3. Get tax breaks and rebates. Many models meet efficiency requirements for a federal energy tax credit, as well as credits from Kansas City Power, and Missouri Gas Energy when installed as part of a complete system.
  4. Get $150 off of installation. When you purchase 15 SEER air conditioners and heat pumps from All Right Heating and Cooling we’ll shave $150 off of your installation fee.

Better for the Environment, Better for Your Family

  • 15 SEER air conditioners and heat pumps provide the quietest operation of any single-stage units on the market today!
  • Cool with an environmentally-friendly refrigerant that’s ozone safe
  • Keep temperatures even from room to room aiding healthy sleep patterns
  • Leave you feeling cooler and more comfortable, and helps keep your home mildew-free, by removing unwanted humidity in the air
  • Rust-resistant coating, screws and base pan protect your system from the elements – and subsequent weakening of the metal
Call us at 816-224-3434 for a no-cost, no-obligation home inspection and air conditioning consultation to make sure you get the right system for your needs.
Available only from All Right Heating & Cooling LLC, preferred contractorof Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L) and Missouri Gas Energy (MGE).
*Potential energy savings comparing an 8-SEER system. Actual energy savings will vary.