95% High Efficiency Furnaces: Variable Speed, Modulating, Communicating Furnaces
Choose Platinum Level Furnaces for the Best in Heating
and Automation in Cold Climates

These variable-speed systems can run at several different levels, adjusting automatically to maintain a constant temperature. Because they adjust energy use based on need, they're the most efficient type of furnace, as well as the quietest. Many models also include a fan that runs during the summer to reduce your home's cooling needs, and some also have a dehumidifier function. 

In addition to saving fuel, variable-speed furnaces use less electricity to power the fan motor. According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, the amount of electricity used to run a furnace motor can be significant. Thus, a more efficient, variable-speed fan motor can produce significant savings.

Additional Benefits

·         Provides ultimate efficiency and comfort control from fully modulated heating and operation with 40% to 100% firing rates.

·         Surpasses stringent government regulations for saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Better for the environment, better for your family!

·         Saves you money on your monthly heating bills by converting up to 95%* of the fuel you purchase into heat for your home

·         Saves additional energy by streamlining and automating all of your system components through AccuLink™ Communicating technology

·         Easier installation makes this unit less hassle and less invasive to your home with a simplified connection to the Comfort Control

·         Provides federal tax credits to help offset your initial investment when installed as part of a complete system. Also qualifies for credits from Kansas City Power  & Light (KCP&L) and Missouri Gas Energy (MGE)

·         Saves you $150 off of installation when purchased through All Right Heating & Cooling

·         Gives you whisper quiet operation and even warmth through all the rooms in your home; no more temperature swings between stuffy and chilly

·         Keeps your home cooler in the summer by reducing indoor humidity

·         Boosts available warmth for your home with a heavy steel insulated cabinet that contributes to quiet operation, and holds more heat in the furnace

**Potential energy savings may vary depending on your lifestyle, system settings and equipment


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 Available only from All Right Heating & Cooling LLC,
preferred contractor of Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L) and Missouri Gas Energy (MGE).

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